Watergen Gen M

Provides up to 900 liters of fresh, clean drinking Water From Air daily

GEN-M Pro is a medium-scale mobile Atmospheric Water Generator. It is the ideal solution for schools, universities, hospitals, parks, resorts, construction sites, temporary localities and residential buildings seeking a safe, clean and off-grid new water source.

GEN-M Pro doesn’t require any infrastructure besides an electrical socket and works absolutely independently from existing piping. GEN-M Pro Uses Watergen’s patented GENius technology which makes it highly efficient to operate and enables the creation of up to 900 liters of pure, safe and tasty drinking water from the air daily.

The device uses innovative purification technology, which includes sediment, active carbon and NanoCeram® filters. Following the purification process, essential minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium are added. Water quality is ultimately safeguarded by a germicidal UV-C.

GEN-M Pro is one of the most energy-efficient AWGs on the market, enabling more water production with less electricity consumption. The water production process is optimized and suitable for a wide range of climate conditions: starts from 15°C and 20% humidity.




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