About us

About Us

We Focus on Renewable and Scalable Solutions.

For almost twenty years, Cinergex Environmental Inc, an Ontario Corporation, has been working with governments and large corporations around the world to design and implement renewable energy projects utilizing cutting-edge wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, hydrogen and energy-from-waste technologies. Five years ago, the company decided to create a subsidiary which would focus on clean water supply in many of the same markets which had explored clean energy.

Our Corporate Mission

We Know That the World Needs Water
Now Than Ever Before.

We are fully dedicated to the provision of clean, safe, affordable water with the most sensitive possible environmental footprint. By using solar power to obtain large quantities of potable water from the atmosphere, Cinergex has taken the next step in advancing air-to-water (AWG) technology

Cinergex Environmental Ltd., was established in Kingston, Jamaica, in recognition of the leadership role that Jamaica plays in the adoption of clean-tech, as well as the increasing water supply issues which have beset the country, in the face of a recent, prolonged drought. Cinergex reviewed all the available water filtration technologies, as well as the more recent innovations in air-to-water generation, which is particularly suited for markets which have no local source of potable water. From the global list of manufacturers, Cinergex has formed partnerships with only those whose products met our rigorous high standards for product excellence, fair pricing, proven performance and after-sales service.

The company principals include Aaron Hopkins, who is an accomplished heavy equipment dealer and also has strong personal connections throughout the Caribbean; 

Strong Team

Meet the dynamic team behind the Cinergex revolution.

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
Chairperson (Board of Trustees)
VP Government Relations Europe / Middle East
VP of government relations.
VP of Business development
Joint Venture Distribution Partner
Joint Venture Distribution Partner
New Real Estate Business Adviser
Head of Business Development (Europe)
Engineering Lead

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