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Cinergex Environmental Inc provides sustainable energy and water solutions to the whole world. We produce and sell Air to Water generators that can provide fresh, clean drinking water from air in a variety of situations.

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Cinergex Environmental Inc is a global company that specializes in sustainable energy and water solutions. Our products include Air to Water & Water to Water generators and customized water solutions for different applications. Our goal is to provide our clients with innovative, cost-effective and environmentally friendly technologies that will allow them to achieve sustainability.

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Can these machines be left plugged in or do they have to be shut off at certain times?

Atmospheric water generators can be left plugged in at all times, producing clean drinking water all day, every day. But you can have them on/off as per your needs.

Can atmospheric water be bottled?

Absolutely! Water bottling systems can be installed on any of our large-scale atmospheric water generators. There are companies that have already established water bottling businesses using atmospheric water generators in various countries. It allows for a good profit margin, as the cost of atmospheric water production is economical.

What happens when the unit is full? Will it overflow?

Under typical operation settings, after the primary reservoir on the unit reaches full stage, it will pump the water into a secondary tank which would be located wherever the customer chooses. If the customer has no secondary holding tank, the unit will turn off.

No more worrying about water quality and supply. Cinergex has you covered.

Check out our selection of available Air to Water generators or reach out to us for more information.

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